Darby (64 of 110)

When I began writing this blog I was a 50-something widow on a lifelong adventure of living faith in the God who saves me through His Son, Jesus Christ.  Now, I am an almost 60 married-again grandmother of seven still on that glorious adventure.  Thank you for reading my blog.  My hope is that it will encourage and bless you as I write about how I live faith in the real world.

I am growing a writing and speaking career, following a path God has been leading me to all of my adult life.  I used to live in beautiful New England and worship with God’s family at the Manchester church of Christ in Manchester, NH.  I am now blessed to live in the boomtown of Midland, TX.  My husband, Bob Williams, and I work and worship with the wonderful family of Westside church of Christ.

You may contact me at dscoss@yahoo.com

Darby Coss Williams, aka Darby S. Coss

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